Speaking Request

Dr. Marv Penner


Booking Information

Important Information to Facilitate a Great Experience for All of Us

1.  My heart’s desire is to serve you with humility and excellence. I gratefully come as your guest. If at any point we need to make adjustments, I want to hear from you so we can find a way to make this shared ministry the best it can be.


2. I have a medical reality that must be taken into consideration. I have been diagnosed with a degenerative, hereditary, incurable eye disease that is gradually robbing me of my vision. This means I will need a driver/host to pick me up at the airport and transport me around.  My wife sometimes travels with me, in which case there would need to be budget for two tickets, but she only comes when necessary.  It also means we need to ensure a well-lit, safe means of getting up and down from the stage (if applicable).


3. As a general rule I request hotel (or similar) accommodation, unless the venue has speaker accommodation (ie camp, campus or conference centre).


4. My technology needs are as follows:

a.    THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE! If the presentation involves media (PowerPoint, etc.) my laptop MUST be with me at the podium. It won’t work to have it at the back of the room with someone else advancing my slides, nor will a remote clicker work, nor will it work for me to load my program into the house system, etc. I realize this sounds inflexible, but all of my speaking notes are on my laptop screen, and there are times when I need to adjust the order in which things are presented. I need to be able to control every aspect of the visual presentation. If this will present a problem, we need to talk about it before we finalize any other details.


b.    My microphone preference is a wireless headset or lapel


c.    I will need an HDMI or VGA connection to the projection or screen system. I have the adapters that will connect my computer to either of these cable arrangements.


5. My wife Lois manages the logistics around my speaking and travel.  If you have any questions or need more information, you can reach her at loisp@allaboutyouth.ca.




"Marv is an internationally known author, professor, speaker, and youth ministry veteran having spent over 45 years working with students and families. He directs the Coalition for Youth Ministry Excellence, an innovative experientially integrated training program for vocational youth workers and is the executive director and founder of All About Youth, Canada.  He has trained and inspired thousands of students, youth workers, and young leaders at various national and international youth ministry conferences and conventions and has taught at more than 20 colleges and seminaries around the globe. He is the author of six books on youth ministry including “The Youth Workers Guide to Parent Ministry,” “Help, My Kids Are Hurting,” “Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut,” and most recently, “Building and Mobilizing Teams.” In addition to his teaching, speaking, and writing, Marv is a licensed marriage and family counselor specializing in parent/adolescent conflict resolution, sexual abuse recovery, self-injury, eating disorders, and marriage and family matters. He received his M.A. in Marriage and Family Counseling from Grace Seminary and his D. Phil degree from Oxford Graduate School. In 2018, Marv was inducted into the NYWC Youth Ministry Hall of Fame. Over the course of his life Marv has had some crazy jobs including being a Brinks armored car guard, a waterski instructor, an undercover private investigator and a professional firefighter. Life is more predictable these days. Marv and his wife, Lois, live in Lake Country, BC where the “Coalition” (www.coalitionforministry.com) is headquartered. Their favourite part of life these days is hanging out with their five crazy grandkids."