Full Immersion Experiential Learning

Your most significant learning will take place in the day-to-day messiness of real-life ministry For ministry rookies,  a skills and leadership coach will accompany you every step of the way as you practice and master the competencies necessary for effective ministry. For ministry veterans, you will be assigned to a small cohort of equally experienced youth workers and be mentored by a seasoned faculty member who will guide your group to new levels of effectiveness.

At the heart of The Coalition’s training program is a thoughtfully structured, two-year mentored apprenticeship. Because pastoral ministry is a vocation that requires specific competencies, we believe that the most effective way to equip practitioners is to provide them with a real-life context in which to learn and practice ministry effectiveness.


Apprentices will serve in full-time ministry roles under experienced leaders who will guide them through a series of leadership development experiences and skill sharpening opportunities. The environments will vary depending on the specialty being pursued by the apprentice. Many will serve in the local church, but some will receive their training in the context of a community youth ministry organization (e.g. Young Life or Youth for Christ) while others could be trained on the staff of a camp or even in a Christian School environment, if that is where they feel called to serve. The apprenticeship path will be marked by carefully defined milestones, but the details of the apprenticeship will be left to the mentor and the apprentice to design and carry out.


Apprenticeships will not be approved unless a suitable mentor is available to provide the necessary guidance. The experiential component of this program is not a “tacked on” bonus but in fact represents the essence of what makes The Coalition different.