Intentional Community

Throughout your two-year learning journey you will be part of a faith community that is mission only committed to developing leaders. Not only are they the community where you will learn to serve, but they will be the cheerleaders that want you to succeed. Regional cohorts of fellow students will round out your experience of community.

We were created for community. When the scripture describes healthy human interaction it uses metaphors like that of the body (I Corinthians 12) or of "living stones" together comprising a temple (I Peter 2:5) in which the Spirit of God may dwell. The picture of "family" suggests a deep relationship and a healthy interdependence. We believe the most effective holistic learning takes place in an environment of "iron sharpening iron" community.


Because vocational ministry usually occurs in community it is important that the shaping of those preparing for such ministry be done in community as well. There are two specific expressions of community that are essential to the success of apprentices in The Coalition’s program.


The first crucial community is that of the church, parachurch ministry, camp, or Christian School where the apprentice is being shaped and sharpened. These bodies or families will be the real-life, messy, imperfect, flawed, but grace-filled environment each student is aspiring to serve. This represents the best place to practice emotional intelligence, relational interaction, healthy communication, conflict resolution, political savvy, and personal maturity – all necessary skills for a young leader to embrace.


The second crucial community is that of the cohort. Apprentices will share this journey with other aspiring young leaders, each of whom will be in their own learning environment. A combination of face-to-face and digitally facilitated gathering times will ensure that students can speak into each other's lives in meaningful ways. The coalition will organize regional sub- cohorts so students will have access to their peers on a regular basis, in addition to the eight classes that the cohort will share over the course of their two-year journey. It is hoped that these cohorts will spawn lifelong friendships between participants.

These classes will be framed, not simply as a one-week content-driven intensive, but as a three-month focus on the topic being offered. In the month prior to the classroom component, students will be expected to do pre-course reading, online collaboration, case study preparation, real world research, etc. After the week in class the subsequent two months will be used to apply the material in the trenches of ministry where class assignments will be completed. They should be seamlessly integrated into the daily ministry of the apprentice.