Meaningful Spiritual Formation

A spiritual companion/director will help prepare your heart for life in vocational ministry with a challenging two-year shared journey of spiritual practices and disciplines. We deeply believe that spiritual health and vitality is key to long term ministry effectiveness, so this component of the program is far more than an obligatory nod to a regular quiet time.

One’s walk with God must be the highest priority when preparing for spiritual leadership and vocational ministry. Successful youth workers understand that because of the intensely relational nature of their work, their own lives will be their most significant instrument of ministry to a generation that “listens with its eyes.” It takes a disciple to make a disciple! The assumption that spiritual formation automatically occurs as a by-product of formal biblical or theological education cannot necessarily be made. What we are talking about here is a matter of the heart, so curricular strategies alone will not suffice. Spiritual disciplines that seem manageable in the relatively predictable rhythms of campus life often prove to be much more difficult to manage in the mess and stress of daily ministry. We simply cannot assume that a Christian campus is “spiritual formation utopia.” Plenty of college and seminary students report that their classroom years are some of their most dismal when it comes to their intimacy with Christ.


Developing sustainable spiritual formation practices in a community as part of a ministry team is more likely to lead to long-term consistency. Over the course of two years a carefully designed program of spiritual disciplines, Bible reading and study, intentional conversations and grace filled accountability will be used to help each apprentice develop spiritual rhythms that are compatible with the stresses of full-time ministry. This part of the curriculum will be guided by a "spiritual companion" who will accompany the apprentice on the journey of spiritual growth and development.